Wishes for the Sky


Wishes for the Sky is a free, experiential, public art event celebrating the arrival of spring, environmental sustainability, and personal and collective wish-making. This one-of-a-kind art project has become a signature Earth Day event for the Twin Cities. Inspired by the ancient Asian traditions of flying wishes on kites, it is a contemporary art event integrating music, temporary sculpture, poetry, interactive sound collage, visual art, and public kite-flying. Click here for more information on the day’s activities.

Wishes for the Sky feels like no other event. Held on Harriet Island on the Mississippi River, its simple focus is to allow us to sense our inner harmony and imagine community peace. Through the public’s participation and their act of good wishing, the community creates a large-scale work of experiential art.

Wishes for the Sky is also a leader in zero-waste, creating less than 24 pounds of trash in total in its first three years with 4500 attendees (less than 0.1 ounce per person). Wishes for the Sky is the most genuine expression of our zero-waste future.

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